About Us

Via Scientific is a “Science-First” organization that was born from our extensive firsthand experience with the promise, and the challenge, of multi-omics  research. A decade-plus in the making, the Foundry Platform was originally conceived of, and organically shaped by, the research demands of the scientists and labs at UMass Chan Medical School. It was there where Foundry, and its many capabilities, was shaped, tested, and matured. We are dedicated fully, and solely, to a singular mission – accelerating your multi-omics science so you can more rapidly generate new discoveries and therapeutics that improve the world.

Uniquely powerful and elegantly simple, Foundry is powering the bioinformatics and scientific needs of thousands of scientists, hundreds of labs, and a leading research hospital. We are proud to make Foundry, and its many powers, available to the scientific community.

Leadership Team and Advisors

Via Scientific is a team of world-renowned scientists, bioinformaticians, AI experts, and entrepreneurs. We are committed to
ensuring that the Foundry platform is user-friendly and that it will always accelerate your science.

Leadership Team

Melissa J. Moore, PhD
Founding Scientist, Head of Scientific Advisory Board and Board Member

Melissa is a biochemist and molecular biologist widely recognized for her work in eukaryotic RNA processing and metabolism. A member of the National Academy of Sciences and long-time HHMI investigator (first at Brandeis University and then at UMass Medical School), Melissa most recently served as chief scientific officer of Moderna where she helped develop the technologies enabling rapid development of Moderna's highly effective mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

Manuel Garber, PhD
Founding Scientist

Manuel is an associate professor of Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology at UMass Chan Medical School where he also created and directs the Bioinformatics Core. Manuel’s background is in applied mathematics. He previously served as a computational biologist at the Broad Institute where he focused on analyzing the human genome sequence.

Alper Kucukural, PhD
Founding Scientist, Chief Technology Officer and Board Member

Alper is the creator of Foundry and is our Chief Technology Officer. Alper has extensive expertise in software development, machine learning & large-scale systems. Alper is passionate about the global need for reusable, robust and production grade bioinformatics analysis and platforms. He is also an associate professor of Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology at UMass Chan Medical School, where he is also co-director of the Bioinformatics Core.

Janet Kosloff
Founder and Board Advisor

Janet is an investor, entrepreneur and both founder and former CEO of InCrowd, the global market intelligence platform for the life sciences industry. InCrowd pioneered the field of micro-research by combining a powerful technology platform with a 2 million-strong panel of healthcare professionals and life science experts.

Jim Crowley
Founding CEO and Board Member.

Jim is our CEO and he has a deep and abiding passion for the opportunities presented by applying artificial intelligence technologies to large scale data sets and in building rapidly scaling companies. Jim is a technology entrepreneur many times over and is a veteran of the startup journey from ground zero, to IPO, and everything in between.

Advisors and Other

Rob Hickey
AI and Engineering Advisor

Rob is a deeply experienced technology practitioner and executive many times over. As Executive Vice President of Engineering at DataRobot, one of the world’s largest pure play AI companies, Rob is intimately familiar with, and experienced in, rapidly scaling global AI systems and companies.

Jack Crowley
AI and NLP Advisor

Jack has extensive experience with all aspects of NLP, machine learning, software development, and other associated technologies. He is an expert at creating novel and global intelligence capabilities through the application of NLP and other AI based technologies to massive data sets.

Eswar Priyadarshan
AI and Platform Advisor

Eswar is a founder, executive and CTO many times over. He has significant experience in productizing, and bringing to market, complex technologies that sit at the intersection of AI, low latency data analytics and prompt engineering.


Democratizing science to change the world is no small task. It requires a team that is driven to make the impossible possible. We create and work with a broad range of cutting-edge technologies spanning bioinformatics, core engineering, big data, and AI. We are actively seeking bioinformatics professionals, full-stack engineers, product management leaders, UX designers, marketers, and community managers.

If you’re ready to make a difference, and if the below attributes describe you, we want to hear from you. Please submit your resume to [email protected].

Relentlessly Inventive

Our customers seek to unlock fundamental biological truths. Our customers are relentlessly inventive and so we ask the same of our Team.

Team Oriented

We are team oriented but seek amazing individuality. We collaborate, we help each other and we challenge each other. We expect you to do the same.


Our customers dreams are our dreams and fulfilling them requires that we always bring our "A Game." We seek teammates who are passionate, courageous and dedicated.

Own It

We look for individuals who crave ownership of a problem space, are focused on acceleration and have will to drive and excel in all things they do.


The race is to the swift and the next breakthrough is right around the corner. We seek those who are relentless in seeking answers, insights and solutions. If you are tenacious and intellectually courageous we want to hear from you.

Deeply Curious

Our customers are creating new science and we are creating new technologies to help them on their journey. To support them we must be as imaginative as they are. "Be curious" is not just a phrase, its how we operate. We want teammates who ask, who question and who imagine.