The Integrated Platform for Bioinformatics
and Scientific Interrogation.

✔ Amplify experiment results with customizable meta-data.

✔ Visualization, interrogation & analytical freedom.

✔ Build pipelines without writing code.

✔ Launch runs with a simple click.

✔ 3’rd party data sets incorporated with ease.

✔ Compute & infrastructure worries eliminated.

Experiment Design & Management

Your experiment series is just that – yours. Whether its NGS data, third party data sets, published research data, or your organization’s private data, Foundry enables the simple and rapid integration of the data necessary to support your analytics. And of course Foundry manages the accumulation of data and insights – building a continuously expanding results set for analysis.


Enhance your experiment with Foundry’s customizable metadata capabilities. Powered by an intuitive drag and drop interface, and our controlled vocabulary and ontology engine, opening new data dimensions for modeling and analytics has never been easier.

Workflows & Pipelines

Create customized bioinformatics workflows and pipelines with unmatched speed and without writing single line of code. Alternatively, simply select the appropriate pipeline from Foundry’s library of verified and ready to go workflows.


Ingest NGS data, published research data or your own private data into Foundry with unmatched ease.

Fully automate your data import and processing functions so you only need focus on results.

Seamlessly mange any number of samples from a single sample to tens of thousands of samples and beyond.


Dev-Ops and operational complexities eliminated:

  • Continuous integration, testing, and
    automated Docker container building.
  • Direct integration with leading code
  • Deploy and manage any number of
    pipelines across any computing
  • Instantly duplicate any run, from any
    point in time, with parameter and pipeline
    settings intact.


Interrogate experiment results on your terms:

  • Launch RStudio, Jupyter notebook and
    Shiny apps with relevant data mounted
    and ready to go.
  • Use our native visualization tools for QC,
    differential expression, and for other
    interrogation tasks.
  • Share results using FAIR standards and
    simplify compliance with the NIH’s Data
    Management Plan mandate.
  • Quickly change parameters and re-run
    to expand your results set.

Why Foundry - Key Benefits

Accelerated Scientific Discovery

Foundry accelerates your experiment cycle so scientists can ask not just more questions but deeper questions.

Focus on Reproducible Science

Via Scientific generates and maintains an institutional memory where all results are saved, are reproducible, and all methods are reusable.


Foundry has been proven and tested. We are currently supporting thousands of scientists and hundreds of labs in both academia and industry.


Via Scientific enables your teams to efficiently and securely collaborate across projects and labs.

Flexible, Scalable & Compute Agnostic

Foundry future-proofs your analytics while insulating you from the complexities of scaling, managing and running complex computing environments.

Control Costs

Via Scientific makes you more efficient. Focus precious bioinformatics, dev ops and IT resources on forward-looking tasks.

Supporting Researchers, Scientists and Computational Biologists

Whether you are a pure research scientist, a bioinformatician or a computational biologist, Foundry empowers you to be do more:


Create your own pipelines, launch your own runs, control your own data. Directly interrogate results, modify parameters, and fine tune your analysis all without needing to write any code.


Foundry amplifies your efficiency, effectively multiplying your bandwidth by a factor of 10 or more. Support more users, accelerate analytics, and focus on higher order tasks, algorithms, and methods.

Computational Biologists, Data Scientists, and AI Teams

With Foundry the data and results needed for modeling and hypothesis testing are at your fingertips, while customizable metadata creates new modeling dimensions. Critical tools such as RStudio, Jupyter notebooks and Shiny Apps are launchable from within Foundry with data mounted and ready to go.

Sample Pipelines

Foundry curates an ever-expanding library of powerful bioinformatics pipelines. Use as is, or quickly clone and
customize them to fulfill your specialized needs. Illustrative examples include: