The Integrated Bioinformatics Operating System

Via Scientific’s Foundry platform eliminates the complexities of multi-omics processing and analytics,
transforming ‘development time’ and ‘process time’ into ‘scientific time.’

Multi-omics Analytical Accelerator

Unlock the power of multi-omics biology and accelerate scientific insights with Foundry’s fully integrated data processing and analytics environment.

Force Multiplier

Author, control, and run your own customizable pipelines, metadata tracking, and analytics without writing a single line of code – saving you weeks and months of time. Integrated notebook, portal, orchestration, and management features ensure that your focus remains where it belongs – on your experiments and investigations.

Reproducible & Reusable Science Plus Dynamic Institutional Memory

Automatically track & version all changes to pipelines, parameter settings and metadata, ensuring complete analytical provenance. Duplicate any run or result, not just tomorrow, but years into the future.

Embedded Analytics

Visualization and analytics tools are seamlessly integrated into each element of the Foundry ecosystem, creating powerful enrichment and feedback loops. Experience unparalleled choice in how you interrogate your data. Launch third party applications such as RStudio, Jupyter Notebook, Shiny Apps and more directly within Foundry.

Operational Efficiency and Computational Flexibility

Whether your data lives in a public cloud, a private cloud, or on your own compute cluster, Foundry eliminates the complexities of data management and dev-ops orchestration while ensuring operational and compute resources are optimized.

Collaboration, FAIR & NIH Data Management Plans

Collaboration and sharing of data and results within Foundry is simple and governed by FAIR standards. For researchers working with NIH grants and funding, Foundry makes compliance with Data Management Plans simple and straightforward.

By Scientists For Scientists

Via Scientific is a “science first” company and community. Purposefully built by scientists and bioinformaticians deeply experienced with multi-omics analytics, Foundry is currently supporting thousands of scientists and hundreds of different research labs and companies.


Tested, Proven & Scalable